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1. General
The programs have “with thesis” and “without thesis” options. Tuition fee is to be paid at the beginning of each semester. An additional ₺220 is required for delayed payments. No concession is applied to special students In case of multiple concession, the highest one is applied

With Thesis
Program includes seven courses, seminar and thesis. As of third semester, student must enroll in thesis each semester.

Without Thesis
Program includes ten courses and project


2. Payment requirements for the foreign students




1st Semester


2nd Semester


3rd Semester


4th Semester




Each additional semester


An additional $120 is required for the application.


The English preparatory school’s fee is $1,800 per semester. While studying at the preparatory school, the student can take one or two courses for the program in case the department approves. No fee is required for such courses.

Enrolling into a course while special student requires ₺500 per credit.

Students can:
  .take courses at summer semesters with an additional fee.
  .freeze their program for an additional $900 per semester Payments are not to be returned to the students who leave on their own wishes after the add-drop deadline.

The fees are to be paid to Vakıfbank Meşrutiyet Branch in TL as currency. Any deposited money in USD is not accepted. The fees are converted to TL at the beginning of each semester.

Students should pay related semester fee and enroll in case the thesis defense is taken after the semester begins. If the thesis is accepted with minor modifications then enrollment for the new semester is not required.
In case of conflict, institute’s decisions apply.